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This is a great money making business to own


Dear Future Business Owner, 


This clean, respectable Online Dating Website totally runs itself, has phenomenal income 24/7, and is growing at an explosive rate!  This is a great money making business to own, and pass down from generation to generation.


Online Dating is the fastest growing, biggest Wealth Producing business in the world, and is currently making ?Internet Millionaires & Billionaires? in a blink of an eye!


        Online Personal/Dating service has become the most profitable business on the Internet.  ?It has surpassed both Business/ 

        Investment & Entertainment/Lifestyles to become The Largest Paid Content category!? ? Online Publishers Association.


$10 Million To Over $200 Million Dollars Per Year!

Other Online Dating websites such as eHarmony,, Plenty of Fish, etc. (which are just like the one you?ll own) with similar numbers (2 - 5 Million+ Members) are currently making $10 Million to over $200 Million Dollars per year ? so it?s easy to see why YOU should OWN one yourself!  Here?s a quote about just 1 owner?


? His Online Dating Empire is ?Paying Himself More Than $5 Million A Year ? Six Minutes & 38 Seconds After Beginning His Workday ? He Announces, All Done!?  - Inc. Magazine, Jan. 2009.


The problem is that building one of these proven money making empires takes mega bucks just to get started ? with ZERO members!  Then it?s almost impossible to grow because who wants to join an Online Dating site that only has a handful of Members?  That?s where it can take Millions of (Additional) Dollars to build a member base.   


Although it?s well worth spending Millions to own, you don?t have to worry about ANY of these big, expensive hurdles because your Site is already Completely Set Up, Totally Managed for you, and has well over 5 Million Active Singles on it.  There are also about 600,000 additional Members from Canada and the UK on your site!  


We Make It Easy For Your Members To Make You Money!

As with any Online Dating Empire, you let your customers do the work for you by making it fun for them.  You don?t make $5 Million Dollars per year while working less than 10 minutes per day without it.  Your ?workday? mostly consists of simply checking your income for the day so there?s absolutely no ?work? and no stress.  We make the site fun with Free Contests, Games, Gifts, and the only Paid Referral system in the industry, all at absolutely no cost to you!  These features (more about them later) give your site a tremendous advantage over the competition.  In fact, just for signing up (free) your Members are automatically entered in a drawing for a free HDTV!


5 Income Streams Make You Money 24/7!

Making money couldn?t be any easier with any kind of business ? period!  Your Online Dating Empire makes you money in a variety of ways, even though the service is free to your Members:


1. Google Ads.  It?s how the big boys (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Plenty of Fish, etc.) make their money!  Google automatically places the ads on your site and then pays you directly.  All you have to do is let Google know where to send your check, and you keep 100% of the income!  You have the option (it?s not required, but it is so easy) to make a lot of money from a simple question or topic that your members can answer or voice their opinion on such as ?what?s a good first date? or ?how to make a good impression.?  If you?re interested, simply pick a question from our list and your job is pretty much done.   We?ll feature this question (called a blog) to all 5+ million (and growing) singles on your site which generates enormous Google Ad Income for you.  If you?re not interested, you do nothing, but there?s absolutely no cost to you, you remain completely anonymous, and you keep 100% of the income for simply picking a question from a list!  


 FREE ADVERTISING.  At absolutely no cost to you, your site will Automatically be advertised on Several Hundred other websites, in exchange for their ads on your site. This exchange is an easy, free way of increasing members and your Income with great success!  There?s also additional advertising that will feature your Website to Millions of singles who are actively searching for a date - absolutely FREE!


2.  Local Advertisers.  Local advertisers can grow their business by targeting your sites members by location, age, gender, education, income, etc.  Everything is done automatically on your website, and we?ll even put the ads on your site for you, and you keep 100% of the income!


3.  Paid Member Upgrades.  While your Website provides more free services than any other Online Dating site (which is why it?s so popular with millions of singles) there are very special benefits available to your members for just $14.95 per month.  Such benefits include free access to over 1 Million additional singles who are members of other ?paid only? sites!  Special profile features which improve their chances of finding a match by over 40%!  There are many more benefits (too many to list here) which make this upgrade extremely popular, and you receive $5.00 per month, per member.  


4.  Paid Referrals/Affiliates.  By making your site fun & profitable for members to refer others, your income increases daily at an astonishing rate.  Through this program, when one of your Members refers a friend, we pay them $5.00 each and every month.  You can have thousands of members referring people through Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Email, etc.  Best of all, your members do all the work (they get paid for it) and as the Owner, YOU receive 50% of the total amount paid to All your members combined!  For example, if you have 100 members making $50 per month ($5,000 total) you receive $2,500 (50% of the total) each & every month!    


5.  Online Store.  Your income continues to grow with an online store that automatically sells hundreds of products & services to your 5+ million singles everyday.  We take care of all the advertising, inventory, shipping, etc.  You receive 50% of the total revenue generated from purchases made by each and everyone of your members.  We continuously add products & services which increases your income day after day!


Your New Online Dating Empire Is Completely

 ?Recession Proof!?

While many companies today are dramatically downsizing or failing altogether, Online Dating is growing at a fantastic rate.  Regardless of whether the economy is good or bad, people will still be dating, looking for relationships, and keeping connected with friends ? it?s a basic human need ? and that means financial security and a huge guaranteed income month after month, year after year for you and your family!  


It is becoming the preferred way to meet others, especially among older adults.  People can sit in the comfort of their own home (or anywhere) and access your site with a computer or cell phone to find local singles.  People?s schedules have become more hectic and they?re tired of the bar scene or seeing someone in public they find attractive, and not knowing if they?re single ? the list of frustrations go on and on.  Your Website is like a ?mutual friend? that introduces two people because they can instantly see each others Interests, Likes & Dislikes, Hobbies, etc. which makes the whole process of meeting someone special so much Cheaper, Easier & Rewarding!


 With over 40% of all single adults in the US alone using Online Dating Services, you probably have and/or know someone who has used it.  The word ?dating? is searched an estimated 450,000 times per day!  No other website has as many features as yours (not even the ones making $200 Million/Year) and no other Online Dating companies offer Free Dating Games, Free Giveaways, or send their Members on Free Dream Dates of their choice ? so if you were one of the 450,000 singles searching for a website everyday, which one would you choose?  In addition, through a very select (and expensive) programming feature, your Online Dating Empire will ?


?Receive New Members Everyday 

Even If You Sit On The Couch And Do Nothing!

Members are what make the money, but your company has a very unique feature that guarantees you new members without you having to do anything.  Your site will be seamlessly linked through our Master Site with hundreds of other sites, so anyone who signs up at a different site will show up as a Member on your site, and visa versa.  This feature will automatically be tied into your existing Network of over 5 million singles!  It works so well that by the time you send in (or go online) and get your Website, you?ll probably have well over 6 Million Singles!

Over 6 Million Single Men/Women & Growing!

With this many profiles, your Online Dating Empire can easily compete with other major players in the industry.  Your company has all the sought after features such as Zip Code Search, Instant Messaging, Picture/Music/Video Uploads, Match-Making Profiles, Polls, Forums, Blogs, Dating Articles/Advice, Virtual Gifts, Facebook Integration, Mobile Dating, Chat Rooms, Worldwide Coverage, Multiple Languages, etc.  


In addition, your website has lots of benefits that no other Online Dating site has which makes it the top choice among singles.  These features (which cost you nothing) are what makes your site fun & profitable to join for free, and will easily cause it to be the preferred choice with?



Free Gift Drawings. Spa Treatments, Jewelry, Dinners For 2, Ipods, Iphones, Laptops, Plasma TV?s, Etc. are given away Free to members & they are automatically entered into the drawings when they join!

Dating Games.  Much the same as popular TV Dating Games, members can participate in fun and exciting ways to find partners to join them on dates, blind dates, double dates, etc.

Dream Date Contests.  Members are treated to extremely lavish & expensive ?Dream Dates? of their choice at no cost to them ? or you!  These are dates very few people could afford to do on their own.

Paid Referrals.  No other Dating Site pays members to invite others to join!  We make it extremely easy so they can instantly invite all their friends from Facebook, Email, etc. with a single click & you make money from each & every one of these referrals!



We manage (and pay for) all the features on your website.  Furthermore, we are constantly adding and improving the features that make your Online Dating site the number 1 choice among millions of single Men & Women!  


Most Online Dating and Social Networking sites take Millions upon Millions of dollars just to get off the ground.  Even Facebook, Twitter (which took $60 Million to launch), Youtube (which spends over $1 Million/Month just in hosting), and eHarmony (which spends over $100 Million/Year) all started with a single member, and look where they are today.  Remember, you?re starting with over 6 Million Active Singles from day 1 and ?


? Your Online Dating Website Is Completely Set-Up For Just $69 And Fully Managed & Hosted Each Month Absolutely FREE! 

Your website is fully set up and managed for you!  You automatically hit the ground running with Millions of Active Singles on your site, and your total start-up (normally $169) is just $69 because you?ll get a $100 discount if you act before the Expiration Date on the enclosed card.  


In addition, you?ll have a team of Computer Programmers and Marketing Consultants whose sole job is to track member feedback and continuously improve your website to increase its profitability.  Basically, they work full time to continually make you more money!  All this, and the hosting of your website is yours absolutely FREE!    


 Forget about Rent, Utilities, Payroll, and all the other normal costs of owning a business, not to mention the headaches of Rush Hour Traffic, etc.  

Check Out A Demo Of Your New Money Making Website Here!


No business is easier to own (everything is managed for you) and makes more money than this one ? almost 1 out of 2 single adults (in the US alone) use Online Dating.  As technology continues to grow, so will your Online Dating Empire, and your Income!  You can already see this by the growing number of people today (young & old) who can?t live without their computers & cell phones.  The Online Dating industry recently released the following quote:

?Online dating statistics continue to dazzle the mind, showing clearly that a social revolution is happening right in front of our eyes.  It?s a new, era where the world is your oyster in the dating game.  An age-old social practice has gained new life and vigor.?

This year Mobile Dating alone will generate over $1 Billion Dollars!  You don?t have to understand any of this technology (because everything is handled for you) but I bet you understand that a lot of the 6+ Million Singles on your site use Cell Phones (Mobile Dating) so get your share of that $1 Billion by getting your Website NOW!


No Experience, Knowledge, Or Skills Needed ? Not Even A Computer!

Your Online Dating Website will be completely set up and activated when you receive it.  Every function of your site will be completely managed for you at absolutely no cost.  Every option is available to you, and it takes less then 1 hour per week to manage your earnings from all 5 income streams. ..

Your Website can Automatically be advertised on Hundreds of other websites & featured to Millions of singles actively searching for a date ? at absolutely no cost to you!  You can also (it?s optional) have 1 Million targeted emails sent out advertising your Website for just $0.03 Cents!  10 Million Email Ads for $0.30 cents and so on.  Any of these options can easily result in thousands and thousands of new members, and through our Paid Referral Program - You Receive $5.00 Per Month, Per Member!

If you want to use blogs to increase your Google Ad Income, it?s extremely easy.  Simply pick from our list (or create your own) and your job is done.  The 6+ Million Active Singles on your site easily creates an   enormous amount of traffic that generates a huge income for you!


New members also create additional Income for you, and that includes all members that sign up from hundreds of other sites, so you can still make money even if you don?t get a single new member yourself!


Through our Paid Referral Program, you receive 50% of the total referrals made by all your members combined!  You can have thousands of singles generating income for you through referrals, and they receive money & free gifts for referring others to your site!  We make it easy for them with Facebook and Email Integration so everyone can invite all their friends with a click of a button!


Your Online Store automatically sells hundreds of products to a huge customer base and you receive 50% of the total revenue generated from all the combined purchases from all your members, while we take care of the advertising, product inventory, customer service, shipping - everything!

The Time Is Now!

Even though your site will have over 6 Million Active Singles on it as soon as you receive it, it will still be in its ?Infant Stage.?  Through our network link that automatically gives your site new members daily, and the ability to automatically advertise your website (free of charge) on hundreds of other websites, you will quickly enter the ?Viral Growth? stage where new memberships, and especially Your Income, skyrockets through the Paid Referral Program and the other 4 income streams of Your Website.


Act Now & You?ll Be Eligible For These Upgrades!

The income produced by Online Dating is phenomenal to say the least, and you can own one for just $69.  It?s fully managed & hosted month after month at no cost to you!  But act now, and you can easily boost your income with:


Optimized Site Features:  Your site will include highlighted links to your Online Store?s special sales to increase your income.  It will also link to additional members outside the U.S. expanding your market and income!   


Additional Earnings:  The income you receive from members is doubled from $5.00 to $10.00 per month, per member!  The amount you receive from your Online store increase from 50% to 75% of the total revenue generated!  Plus, we?ll supply you with free Email ads, and a second website that allows you to sell Online Dating sites to others looking for a business opportunity, and make money off all their websites as well!


There couldn?t be a better time to become an owner, but you have to act fast.  Imagine if you could turn back the hands of time and get in on the ground floor of or eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or Craig?s List .  We?re growing at such a fierce rate that we are now competing head to head with these giants, so forget about ?wishing? because your opportunity is right here, right now!  You can become an owner today & ride this growing income wave straight to the bank!  Simply send in your request card or order online!


Victor L. Brown

Michael Forbes

V&M Brown's Co.

p.s. Be sure to check out the demo of your Website here and then  come back and click the "Subscribe" button below to get 

Your Online Dating Website, With Millions Of Active Singles, Completely Set-Up For Just $69 And Is Fully Managed And Hosted Each Month Absolutely Free!